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Accept mobile payments on your laundry machines

Accept mobile payments on your laundry machines

Simple. Reliable. Cost-effective.

Simple. Reliable. Cost-effective.

ShinePay allows you to accept electronic payments on your coin or card-op machines at a reasonable cost of $149/machine. Use ShinePay in conjunction with coin or other systems. ShinePay requires no other equipment besides your customer’s smartphone. You never have to upgrade hardware. The user brings the expensive infrastructure with their phone — they bring the screen, payment processing, and internet connectivity. You never have to deal with chargeback fees, monthly service fees,  fraud, or a merchant account.


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Easily modify your coin-op laundry machine to accept credit card payment through your smartphone

Retrofit your existing coin-op laundry machines to accept credit cards


Simple to install with your existing hardware

Simple 2 minute installation with your existing hardware

Installs in under two minutes with your existing hardware.

Works in conjunction with coins or as a standalone solution.

Compatible with all major laundry machine manufacturers.


Simple to use. Scan your machine to pay

Simple to use

No WiFi or wired network needed.

Connection happens through your tenant or customers smartphone.


Simple to manage

  Audit coin usage

  Set and adjust pricing

  Approve refunds

  Review your income


Always getting better

ShinePay is an always-improving platform that continues to gain new features. Our world-class design and engineering team constantly iterates upon feedback from customers. Using ShinePay means you are always up to date with the latest payment technologies and work flows. 


Remove the cost and burden of coins

Remove the cost and burden of coins

  Eliminate labor costs from emptying machines

  Reclaim capital by eliminating coin changers

  Eliminate repair costs caused by overloaded machines

  Deposit money instantaneously into any bank account

  Grow your operation by managing remotely

Remove coins. Remove theft and vandalism.

Remove coins. Remove theft and vandalism.

Tired of having your machines broken into, vandalized, and damaged? Remove quarters and use ShinePay as your payment method, which reduces thievery.


See ShinePay's operation and installation in action.

See ShinePay's operation and installation in action


Easily pay for coin-op laundry with a smartphone

Laundry machine payments by smartphone

Reduce cost, save time, and simplify

Reduce costs. Save time. Simplify.

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