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Laundromat Payment Systems

ShinePay allows you to accept electronic payments on your new or existing coin or card-op machines. Use ShinePay in conjunction with coin or as a standalone laundromat payment system. No wifi needed, installs in minutes.

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Laundromat payment solutions have never been more simple, reliable, and cost-effective


Save time and effort by reducing or eliminating coin collections


Attracting new and repeat customers with an effortless vending experience and streamlined laundromat payment app


Securely access your funds instantaneously from anywhere


Manage your employees electronically with end to end accountability

Sets up in minutes

ShinePay installs with new or existing  machines in minutes


The ShinePay Bluetooth Spark installation is plug and play which can be completed in under two minutes. 

ShinePay laundromat payment systems work as a standalone solution or in conjunction with coin-drop, coin-slide and card-ready machines. 

No wifi connection needed. Requires no other equipment besides your customer’s smartphone.


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Attract new customers to your laundromat with mobile payments

ShinePay’s scan to pay process is simple and intuitive for your customers. Payment info is securely stored on their phone making for a simple, elegant and fast process for vending. Cashless laundry systems are quickly becoming the gold standard—don’t get left behind.

Simplify your operations

One simple dashboard with everything you need to withdraw your funds, view transactions, track coin usage and more


Intuitive reports generated quickly

Generate powerful reports quickly from anywhere you need to be. Accountability has never been so simple.

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Coin accountability

Manage your machines with data, not guesswork. With our software, you’ll know when and how much to collect.


Cashless activations for your attendants

ShineAttendant allows your attendant to activate machines without a monetary transaction and without providing fist-fulls of quarters. Additionally, this functionality is free with the purchase of the ShinePay system.

Best in class security with rigorous compliance

PCI DSS Level 1 certification. AICPA SSAE18/SOC 1 type 1 and type 2 


24/7 Phone, Chat and Email Support


Our support team is standing by to give you and your customers the best possible experience. You can reach us through phone, chat and email 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. 


Plan for the future with ShinePay’s upcoming products for your laundromat



ShinePoS allows you to seamlessly integrate your self-service and full-service wash n fold businesses without the need to purchase expensive proprietary hardware. ShinePoS does this at a low monthly cost with no hidden fees. Coming soon.


ShineDelivery routes your drivers through all your pick-ups and drop-offs in the most efficient way. ShineDelivery can take into account traffic, number of drivers, and other factors. Coming soon.


Accept mobile payments on your laundry machines

Laundry machine payments by smartphone

Simple. Reliable. Cost-effective.

Reduce costs. Save time. Simplify.


ShinePay | Founded 2017 | A+ BBB Accredited Rating

© ShinePay 2021  |  20511 Skywest Dr 3J, Hayward, CA 94541

ShinePay — Patents Pending


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