Nearly from its inception, ShinePay became a carbon negative company meaning the operation of ShinePay helps reduce environmental CO2 emissions.

Our mission is to make payments accessible, reliable, and affordable for everyone

ShinePay reduces or eliminates the need to perform the laborious carbon-emitting task of transporting millions of pounds of quarters. We take a burdensome carbon-emitting task and turn it into a virtual transaction with a negligible carbon footprint. ShinePay works to make the world a greener and cleaner place.

How much CO2 is produced by transporting $6 Billion in coins for laundry?

1. Average travel distance is 3 miles to transport coins
2. Estimated 80M people use coin-op laundry in the USA
3. Driving a mile in a car with an average fuel efficiency of 22MPG produces 403g of CO2
4. 80M people driving 3 miles every month produces 106,000 tons of CO2

1.2M tons of CO2 is produced annually from transporting coins for laundry

This is a big reason why Shinepay’s mobile payment system is better than coin payments, we help make the world a greener place by eliminating these transport emissions. 


Moving traffic in a city

At ShinePay we take pride in educating the public about how we can all take steps to implement green laundry practices. 

This can include things like using environmentally friendly detergents, using energy efficient washers and dryers, and by limiting how often you go to the dry cleaners.  Energy efficient washers reduce the amount of water they use per load, and energy efficient dryers do not waste the amount of electricity and heat they use, which also helps save you money in the end. Dry cleaners tend to use chemicals that can be harmful to the environment, and while keeping your nicer clothes in good condition is nice, is it really worth the environmental impact? Especially when you can more often than not achieve the same impact by carefully handwashing those clothes at your home. While it may take some time out of your day, it does make a difference on our carbon footprint on the planet. Environmentally friendly detergents are becoming increasingly popular and widely available, these detergents are removing the chemicals which harmful to the environment. While some of them can be a bit more expensive there are ways you can make your own environmentally friendly detergents at home that are easy and cost effective. If all of us together were to implement these practices we could save thousands of gallons of water, energy, and significantly reduce the amount of CO2 that is produced by all of us doing our laundry via traditional methods.

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Laundry machine payments by smartphone

Laundry machine payments by smartphone

Reduce costs. Save time. Simplify.

Reduce costs. Save time. Simplify.


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