Since the inception of the self service laundromat, coins have been king when it comes to currency for getting those washers and dryers spinning.

It might seem like coins are an inseparable part of the laundromat experience. However, future thinking laundromat owners have begun to pursue a coinless laundry experience -- with exceptional results.

Although coins have served us well, they have a lot of drawbacks. Lucky for lovers of clean clothes, these drawbacks have been largely eliminated by laundry payment apps which can seriously modernize any laundromat.

But is all this high technology really worth leaving the simplicity of coins behind? 

Let us assure you: it is. Let’s have a look at why and how.

Shinepay Outshines Coin Payments

We all know that doing laundry isn’t exactly exciting. It’s a chore that we’d all probably prefer to avoid if we could. 

Worrying about doing your laundry is one thing, but having to make change, fuss with a bunch of coins, and constantly keep track of large amounts of change just to get your laundry clean adds another level of inconvenience.

Fortunately, a solution such as Shinepay not only makes laundry day a little easier, it completely eliminates the extra chore of handling change.

Shinepay makes it so simple to pay for laundry that once installed, you’ll never have to put any thought into paying for your laundry again.

The system is as simple as could be. Just download the Shinepay app, add a payment method, and scan the QR codes on the machines at any Shinepay equipped laundromat to pay automatically.

As simple as it might seem on the surface, the technology at the heart of Shinepay is a serious revolution for laundromat owners everywhere. Suddenly neither customer nor laundromat need to worry about handling tons of coins, making change, or chasing stray quarters ever again.

Why Coin Payments Are A Pain

One of the latest casualties of modern technology is small change. 

With more and more people relying on credit or debit cards and phone apps to make payments, carrying cash at all has become something of a rarity. Even rarer still is having a lot of coins on hand.

This progression has turned services with coin payments into a real pain to use. Coins which used to be plentiful in our everyday lives have become more specialized. 

Rather than simply having them on hand, customers often need to go out of their way to get coins. This process can even incur additional fees as they may need to make a withdrawal from an ATM or pay a processing fee for a change machine.

These obstacles to getting coins can often lead laundromat customers to limit the number of loads or the length of dry time to suit the number of coins available to them, potentially leading to lost profits for the laundromat -- not to mention clothes not quite as clean as they ought to be.

Coin payments aren’t just a hassle for customers, either. For laundromat owners, coin payments represent a serious security risk and a real logistical challenge.

Having a large quantity of coins on hand can be a tricky business. They are easy to steal and difficult to count, making them tricky to account for and ready targets for thieves. They are also bulky and heavy, and must regularly be transported to a bank.

All of this time and energy spent wrangling a coin collection can affect the bottom line for laundry businesses. In fact, going old school and relying on coins may be costing your business more than you would spend upgrading to a modern mobile payment system.

Shinepay Allows You To Generate Intuitive Reports

Shinepay not only solves all of the logistical issues of handling physical coins, but it also works wonders for solving all of the accounting problems coin payments can bring with them.

Instead of being forced to manually collect and collate all of the data about your earnings from a variety of machines, Shinepay seamlessly integrates all of the data you need into an intuitive reporting system.

Rather than doing guesswork, you have all of the information you need about your machine's earnings readily available in an easily digestible format.

Sure beats counting quarters.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Once a customer experiences the simplicity and convenience of a mobile payment system, they will never look at an old coin operated laundromat the same way again.

Don’t let your laundry business get left behind. Take the plunge into the modern era and upgrade your laundromat’s payment system to Shinepay. Your customers will thank you (and so will your accountant!)

Shinepay Mobile Laundry Payment System FAQs

1. Is the Shinepay app easy to use?

The Shinepay app is designed to make everything as simple as possible. It takes just a few minutes to become familiar with the app, setup a payment method, and begin doing your laundry. After setup, all you need to do is scan any Shinepay QR code to make a payment.

2. Is the Shinepay app safe to have on my phone?

Absolutely! The Shinepay app is developed by professional app developers and is safe to use on your Android or iOS device. 

3. Does the hardware for Shinepay take long to install on my laundry machines?

Shinepay is designed for quick and painless installation. It can often be installed in just a few minutes with minimal tools. However, the exact process for installation will vary depending on the make and model of your laundry machines.