Laundromats have been coin-operated since time immemorial—it’s only in the last few years that some have transitioned into card-operated spaces. Now, we’ve come to the next laundry room innovation, and this one has the potential to have the most significant impact on the business yet.

Say goodbye to clinking coins and losable pieces of plastic, and hello to mobile apps! Read on to discover three must-know benefits of laundry room payment apps.

Bring In the Right Customers

Smartphones are hardly a rarity these days, but it still seems like young adults are the generation that uses them for nearly everything. This fact holds when you look at the number of people using mobile payments in stores. About one-third of all mobile payments made in the United States were by 18 to 29-year-olds, with another 30 percent done by people from ages 30 to 44.

These demographics are also the less likely to have their own washer and dryer at home due to many living in apartment complexes. What does that mean for your business? The people who are most likely to appreciate mobile payments are coming into your laundromat!

Fewer Complaints

Think about the common complaints you hear about your laundry room. How often have patrons come in and brought up how they needed coins, but your change machines were empty or broken? Or maybe you use laundry payment cards—how many of those have gotten lost over the years? What about individuals who come to the laundromat only to discover that all the machines are in use?

An app can solve all these problems. Your customers can see whether there are free machines before they come into the store, and they’ll never arrive short of money or without a way to pay.

Easy Payments

Perhaps the biggest benefit is the most obvious: when it’s easier to pay for something, people are likely to pay for it more. How much money do you think you’ve lost because someone realized they didn’t have enough coins and skipped a load of laundry? Mobile payment solutionstake care of that problem and turn the laundromat into a place of quick and efficient transactions, which benefit everyone.

Now that you know these three must-know benefits of laundry room payments, make the switch and get ready to enjoy the future of clean clothes.