1. No more coins – Remove coins from your store. This saves you money in a few different ways
    • Free your time – In business, you don’t want to be the master and the slave. If you’re in the store emptying coin-boxes once a week that’s time you aren’t investing into enjoying your life or furthering your life with new endeavors. Time is the ultimate luxury. Time feels infinite but it’s finite. 
    • Insurance Premiums – If you have low to zero chance of vandalism because you don’t have any cash/coins around to be vandalized this can help significantly with insurance premiums. 
    • Free Up Capital – No more change sitting in a coin-changer machine. What can you be doing to improve your business & life if you didn’t have thousands of dollars of coins sitting in your changers? 
  2. Attendant Tracking
    • Free Up Capital – No longer hand attendants fist-fulls of quarters. ShinePay’s, ShineAttendant app now allows them to activate machines without a transaction happening. 
    • Accountability – ShineAttendant tracks the activation and you can review all the activations in your dashboard.  
  3. Coin Tracking 
    • Stop Theft – If you have help collecting the coins know what they should be collecting. Ensure no silent partners. 
    • Trust in Partners – If you have a laundromat with partners who are collecting–peace of mind can be priceless. 

Greater Sale Price – Sell your store for more with less need to hire expensive consultants or brokers. Have a clear record of your cash-based revenue.

Mobile payments are here to stay, upgrade your machines with ease