Laundry rooms are a massive boon that attract tenants to rental properties. All things being equal, tenants will always choose an apartment with a laundry room over one without!

On the other hand, the lack of a laundry room may make a tenant think twice about renting, even if the rest of the property is nice. If you decide to offer an on-site laundry room, read on to learn three things your tenants are looking for in laundry amenities.

New Machines

New machines are better for everyone. They’re better for your tenants because they offer more intuitive controls and faster washing and drying times. They’re better for you because newer machines are far more efficient. Washers require less water to get the job done and dryers need less power! Both of those factors result in smaller utility bills for you to pay.

Easy-To-Use Machines

Some laundry rooms are free, and others cost money to use—whichever option you choose, it’s critical that you make your laundry machines easy to use (especially if you plan on charging your tenants).

A laundry app for apartmentscan make everything much simpler. This app can facilitate all the payments for your laundry machines, as well as provide real-time information about which machines are in use. That way, tenants can check the app before lugging their laundry downstairs, so they won’t be surprised to find that all the machines are taken.

Clean Space

No one enjoys spending time in a dingy space. A well-cleaned laundry room with adequate lighting will make your tenants happier and provide a safer area for them to do their laundry in. Safety is key for your bottom line since accidents can get costly if tenants decide to take legal action.

Now that you know these three things your tenants are looking for with laundry amenities, get your laundry room in tip-top shape and start attracting new renters today!