With a recession looming on the horizon, many businesses are looking for ways to cut costs. While this isn’t a bad strategy, it’s also important to consider new ways of driving traffic and increasing your profit. One option for many businesses is to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Discover four businesses that could benefit from installing EV chargers.

Apartment Buildings

If you’re an owner or property manager of an apartment complex, you should think about installing EV charging stations. Chargers attract potential tenants with EVs, and they allow other potential tenants to consider buying EVs, which are very popular right now. It also increases tenant satisfaction because it counts as an additional amenity.

Gas Stations

Since most people are already used to fueling their cars at gas stations, it makes a ton of sense to incorporate EV chargers at these businesses. By offering fuel and electric charging, you can make your business a community hub, drawing in customers from all over town. Plus, customers who need to occupy some time while waiting for their cars to charge are likely to spend more money in your convenience store.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores have enormous parking lots, but it’s rare to see all the spots filled. Why not use some of the spaces in the back rows for EV chargers instead? People can still park there, but they’ll be able to charge their cars while shopping at your store. Your grocery store can become the favorite for EV owners, since they can meet two needs at the same location.

Public Laundromats

Laundromats are another type of business that can benefit from installing EV chargers. That’s because people tend to spend a lot of time parked outside the store while waiting for laundry to finish. With EV chargers, you could be making money from the same customers through two different avenues, effectively doubling your profit. Plus, like with charging stations at grocery stores, your customers get to check off two errands with one trip.

If you’re looking to install EV chargers on your property, consider using ShinePay. We’re a trusted provider of commercial EV charging stations, equipped with our intuitive mobile app and dashboard. Want to know more about what we offer? Check out our website or reach out and ask us your questions. We’d love to meet you!