People tend to be particular about where they shop for groceries or do their laundry. Customers who have good experiences at businesses are much more likely to make those establishments parts of their weekly schedules, and that includes laundromats. Check out these five mistakes laundromat businesses should avoid to keep customers coming back.

Not Hiring An Attendant

Having an attendant present is a fantastic way to keep things clean and make sure guests don’t leave because they can’t figure out the machines. Additionally, attendants can report back to you when they notice a pattern of guests running into problems. By not hiring anyone to be present in the facility, you’re losing out on a valuable opportunity to learn why customers like or dislike your business.

Not Maintaining Machines

Keeping your machines functional is key to retaining customers and increasing income. If too many of your machines are out of order, then you’ll lose capacity and income. Plus, if a machine breaks down while a customer is using it, you’ll likely end up reimbursing the cost of the load to keep them satisfied with your establishment.

Ignoring the Competition

One crucial mistake your laundromat business should avoid is ignoring what your competitors are doing. If they’re changing their operations or marketing toward a new demographic, that’s vital information you can use to improve your own business and stay ahead of the competition.

Not Tracking Customer Stats

Keeping track of customer statistics is essential to making a profit in the laundry business. If you don't track some information, you won't notice when customers are changing their behavior, such as spending less time in your establishment. Here’s what you may you need to know about your customers to optimize your business:

  • Who is doing laundry
  • What time your customers prefer to visit
  • How long they spend doing laundry

The good thing is, if you use a digital payment solution, you can automatically track this information in your dashboard.

Being Coin-Only

Nowadays, a coin-only laundromat isn’t going to retain customers. Many people don’t carry cash anymore, and they want to avoid the hassle of using a coin-exchange machine. Fortunately, a laundromat payment system such as ShinePay’s accepts multiple forms of payment, so you don’t have to alienate potential new customers.

Our quick-to-install system lets you turn coin-operated machines into machines that accept both coin and ShinePay app payments. This way, you can keep your cash-carrying customers happy while adapting to modern payment methods. Call or email us today to find out how ShinePay can help your laundromat thrive in the 21st century.