Laundry is usually one of the first things people ask about when looking at a new apartment. It’s not hard to understand why—laundry is an essential part of living, and people want to be able to do their laundry safely, comfortably, and efficiently. Discover five reasons why tenants love on-site laundry facilities.

Close to Home

One of the primary benefits of on-site laundry is that you don’t have to drive somewhere to do your laundry. This makes it so much easier to run home if you forget something. You also don’t have to waste time traveling between home and a laundromat.

Not Open to the Public

People often prefer on-site laundry because it feels safer. The public can’t just wander in and do laundry— your neighbors are the only other people using the facilities. Since many people do their laundry at night, on-site laundry facilities feel less dangerous.

Mitigates Noise

Laundry machines are noisy, some more than others. This can be a problem if your baby is trying to nap or your roommate is studying for a big test. Being able to go somewhere else and do laundry means everything at home stays quiet.

Less Crowded

Another reason tenants love on-site laundry facilities is that they don’t have to compete with the whole town for machines. In fact, if you pick the right weekday morning, you might get the entire place to yourself! This makes washing multiple loads go much faster.

Easier To Multitask

Since you never want to leave your laundry unattended at a laundromat, bringing other projects with you is more challenging. At an on-site facility, it’s okay to run home between loads or bring extra chores with you. Many on-site facilities even have a study space or table where you can read, balance your checkbook, knit, or do whatever else you need while waiting for the next load to finish.

You can simplify the on-site laundry process for tenants by upgrading your laundry room payment systems to ShinePay’s intuitive app. ShinePay even works with coin-based machines, allowing you to accept both kinds of payments at the same machine.