1. Access to High-Speed Internet.
As we move more and more toward a virtual world, access to high-speed internet is becoming an even greater priority for everyone. As many as 88% of employees are working from home and some companies have even decided to continue remote work for the foreseeable future. With your tenants spending both work time and leisure time at home, high-speed internet has never been more important. No one wants to have their connection drop during a video call, or worse, a binge session of their favorite show!

2. Contactless Payment Systems.
Tenants love the ease of new technology; the more they can do with their smartphones, the better. Contactless pickup, delivery, and payment have all recently become the norm. ShinePay creates less hassle by allowing you to accept mobile payments on your laundry machines! This not only fits into the contactless world we are living in but provides a solution during the current coin shortage and reduces your burden of transporting coins. And, the best part, it installs in less than five minutes! Can you say hassle-free?

3. Electric Vehicle Charging.
More and more people are making the switch to an electric vehicle. Tenants love to be able to charge their vehicles at home and not have to sit at a public charging station and wait for it to finish. The more charging stations at your residence, the more tenants you will attract as they feel they can take care of their vehicle needs at home!

4. Automating Maintenance Requests.
Tenants want to be able to complete their maintenance requests without having to call, wait on hold, and talk to anyone on the phone. The more they can complete from their smartphone or computer, the better. An app or website link is the perfect way to give them a fully automated way to request maintenance and follow its progress through updates sent directly to them. Tenants love electronic communication and quick responses.

5. Hands-free Solutions Across The Board
Contactless is the prevailing theme of 2020. The less your tenants have to touch, the happier they will be. Hands-free door openers, either automatic or foot pulls are always a big hit. Tenants are even liking key-less, touch-less entry to the gates and their homes. Again, people love new tech! A few simple amenity upgrades to your property can truly modernize the community and make your property much more user-friendly which will entice future residents and make great tenants want to stay.

Everyone is looking toward the future and better times ahead. Updating your property with new technology and amenities that provide people with safe, quick, contact-less ways to pay, request maintenance, and enter buildings will attract high-quality tenants. The laundry room is a great place to start and ShinePay is ready to assist in modernizing this incredibly necessary amenity. Contact us today to get your ShinePay devices!