When you form a customer base, it's crucial for your business to keep those customers coming back. We've compiled a list of practices that can increase your revenue streams and make all the difference for your business.


Nobody carries cash with them. Particularly in metropolitan areas. This trend is transcending socioeconomic barriers as smartphones become ever prevalent. Providing convenience is huge. Mobile payment systems allow you to do this at a low-cost.

Appearance & Experience is Everything

It’s important to embrace the reality people make split-second judgements and DO judge a book by it’s cover. If you get something at a restaurant and it looks appealing you’re more-likely to try it than if it looks like the chef had tremors when assembling your sandwich. Easy things you can do to improve the feel and experience of your store

  1. Cleanliness – Make sure the store is kept clean. People go to your store to turn their dirty clothes clean. If your store looks and appears dirty it isn’t going to be an appealing place to clean ones clothes.
  2. Fresh Paint  – Don’t choose a dark color. Choose something light and inviting. This will also help with lighting. Dark colors absorb light and light colors reflect it.
  3. Good Lighting – Make sure all your bulbs are working and that your store is well-lit.

Responding to Yelp Reviews

We have all faced challenging customers in our stores. However, it’s important to keep your cool and be the bigger person. While a challenging customer might be gone forever (not necessarily a bad thing), good customers will appreciate your caring & empathetic tone. Responding to unreasonable complaints with an empathy, understanding, and kindness will speak volumes about the character of the stores management and minimize the impact of a negative review. An example response could be:

"We understand sometimes things don’t go as expected. We try to do our best to please our customers but are human and sometimes not perfect. If you can reach out to _____@mylaundromat.com we would be happy to see if we can find a remedy."

Restrooms Speak Volumes

If you have a restroom, keep it clean. It’s better to not have it than have one that’s dirty. If you have a standard, you want to ensure that standard is applied to all aspects of your business even the ugliest parts like the restroom. Keeping your restroom clean will help invite customers back.

Parking Lot

Keep your parking lot clean. If you have parking spaces, make sure the lines are painted and bright. You can even put new lines in a parking lot by hand. People won’t notice if they aren’t perfectly straight. But they will notice that they are bright white. Keep trash away and don’t allow people to loiter or liter.  

happy laundrament customer

How To Do Your Laundry Like A Pro

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