There is no doubt that contactless payment methods are the most popular way to complete transactions. This technological feat has made purchases simpler, safer, and more accessible. However, people are still finding ways to skim and steal your information. So, keep reading to learn more about the technology and follow these six tips for users to secure their contactless payments.

How Does Contactless Payment Technology Work?

Contactless payment is a cashless, tap-and-go method of completing transactions at the point of sale. This flexible, convenient option uses radio frequency identification (RFID) and near-field communication (NFC) to complete a transaction. RFID uses tags and chips to communicate your payment information, whereas NFC requires wireless technology and a short distance to connect with a point-of-sale system.

Is Contactless Payment Safer Than Traditional Methods?

Yes, contactless payments are typically safer than traditional methods. They are free from threats like card skimmers, as they don’t require users to swipe their cards. Contactless payments and mobile wallets also use encryption technology to secure your information. However, thieves can still use various methods to access your money, especially since contactless payments typically don’t require a PIN.

Tips To Secure Your Contactless Payments

Follow these tips to ensure you protect your contactless payment methods:

Keep Your Card in a Secure Location

Make use of purses, bags, and wallets to keep your card in a safe place. Avoid keeping your cards in your back pockets if possible. Making sure you always have your cards on you and know where they are can prevent pickpocketing and theft.

Use an RFID-Blocking Wallet

RFID-blocking wallets use signal-blocking materials, such as aluminum or stainless steel, to protect people from using contactless skimming devices when standing near you. RFID blockers keep your data safe from those who want to steal your identity or duplicate your card.

Check Credit Card and Bank Statements Regularly

Be constantly aware of your finances by checking your card usage and statements. Most banks have easily accessible applications that let you see your money anytime. Consistent monitoring allows you to determine whether someone is using your card.

Be Aware of Skimmer Devices in Unsupervised Locations

Be aware of any skimmer devices or suspicious activity when using your card in an unsupervised public place, like a laundromat or gas pump. Use laundry machines for apartment buildings or laundromats with contactless payment access to stay extra protected when making transactions.

Set Up Fraud Alerts

Most banks can detect fraud. Turn on these notifications and take all alerts seriously. In the event of theft, immediately freeze your accounts, cancel your cards, and notify your bank of the situation.

Make Sure Your Phone is Password Protected

Be sure your phone is password-protected if you use mobile wallets. Enabling a password can prevent thieves from using contactless payment methods if they steal your device.

Now that you are familiar with these six tips for users to secure their contactless payments, you can make your next purchase with peace of mind. While digital transactions are typically safe, implementing these tactics is important to prevent any risks and threats!