1. Accepting Credit Cards & Electronic Payment Options

    Mobile systems change the game by turning a $10,000 endeavor into a $150-$300 endeavor. Paying with a credit-card on a laundry machine is nothing new. Card systems have existed for decades. You might wonder why you never see them anywhere. The simple reason is they are super-expensive. A small laundry room can be $10,000. Multiply that by multiple rooms or one large room and the cost clearly outweighs the value.
  2. Have it All

    With mobile payment systems you can go all electronic payment or it can work in conjunction with coins. You also have the option to switch back-and-forth when you choose.
  3. Works With Your Existing Machines

    ShinePay works with your new & old machines. It also works on all major manufactures.
  4. Works with normal machines

    Have a couple ‘normal’ non-commercial machines in the basement. Add electronic payments with the ShinePay PowerSpark.
  5. Works With Other Vending

    ShinePay can also vend electric-car charging. Allow your tenants to use one app for laundry and their car.
  6. Increment Pricing

    With electronic payment solutions you can easily adjust pricing and gradually raise prices.
  7. Reduce the Hassle of Refunds

    Your tenants can request the refund through their app. You can approve/deny the refund from your app. No more $1.50 checks in the mail.
  8. Add An Extra Amenity

    Your tenants hate getting coins more than you hate collecting them. Having a mobile payment option adds an additional level of convenience to your property. Charge an extra $10-$40/month in rent.
  9. People Spend More With Credit Cards

    Your tenants might want to break one load into two loads but might not have enough Quarters. Give them the ability to spend money easily. Overloading machines can also increase repairs and maintenance.
  10. Auditing

    Track your laundry revenue accurately. Coins can be miscounted or even-worse, stolen. Prevent frustration before it starts. With electronic logs of laundry revenue increase the resale value of your property.