Laundry day is a chore in every tenant’s life. As a property owner, you can enhance your residents’ experiences while diversifying revenue by installing apartment building laundry services. Read this advice for getting started!

Understanding the Value

Adding laundry services to your apartment compound is incredibly beneficial for everyone. For tenants, it offers the convenience of doing laundry without leaving home; for you, it means a fresh income stream. Yes, offering on-site laundry involves an initial investment, but the long-term benefits in tenant satisfaction and retention and the potential for additional income are more than worth it.

The Pre-Installation Phase

Before installing the first washer and dryer, you’ll need to check a few regulatory things off the list. Check with local authorities for regulations regarding on-site laundry in apartment buildings, and secure the necessary permits. Then, scout out a space for your laundry room. It should be easily accessible yet out of the way, avoiding high-traffic areas.

Planning the layout is the next piece of the puzzle. Consider the foot traffic, and provide ample space for people to move between machines. You want to avoid making residents feel cramped while doing laundry.

The Machines Matter

The laundry equipment you choose for the facility matters greatly. First, assess how many residents your building houses. A simple ratio of one washer and one dryer for every 10–15 units is a good starting point. You don’t want issues of residents fighting over machines, so get a decent number of machines.

Next, think green. Energy-efficient machines are eco-friendly and will certainly appeal to most users. Plus, these machines will help keep water and energy costs low for you. You’re saving money on bills and helping the environment. That’s a win-win!

Installation Processes

When it comes time to install the machines, contact local professionals for a safe and proper fitting. Communicating with your tenants about the installation is essential to minimize disruption during this phase.

Payment Options

The debate over quarters versus cards is big—both have perks. Coins can be easier for some residents to manage, while card and app-based payment systems offer convenience. It’s worth having both coin and apartment laundry app options to cover the bases.

Management Matters

Once the washers are humming and the dryers are tumbling, it’s not the time to fold on the job. Create a maintenance schedule and a system for reporting and fixing malfunctions. An out-of-order sign is the last thing a tenant wants to see on laundry day.

Listen to Feedback

After everything is operating, take a step back and analyze. Is the service meeting your tenants’ needs? Solicit feedback, and be prepared to make adjustments to keep the laundry loop running smoothly. Listen to your tenants, and do what you can to make the chore of laundry easier for them.

Installing laundry in your apartment building doesn’t have to be challenging. This walkthrough lets you understand the best way to handle the situation. Now, you know how to get started!