With so many payment options available, it can be difficult for business owners to decide which systems are most beneficial for their business. Contactless payment is one of the newest payment forms and it’s quickly becoming dominant in the laundromat industry. Discover the benefits of contactless laundry payments and how it can help you.

Eliminate Theft

One of the worst parts of using coin-operated machines is that they attract petty thieves. Many old-fashioned laundry machines are easy to break into, especially if you can manage to get a copy of the owner’s master key. By using technology-based payment systems, you eliminate the need to keep coins on the premises, thus eliminating theft.

Faster Payments

Today’s consumers are all about convenience. Since most people don’t carry cash with them anymore, requiring that they use coins creates a mild frustration. Even credit card machines can be slow if your business lacks a solid connection. Apps are by far the fastest way to pay for things.

More Sanitary

One of the benefits of contactless laundry payments is that they help prevent the spread of germs. Whether you’re concerned about the spread of COVID-19 or just germs and bacteria in general, it’s much more sanitary to let your guests pay with an app. This way, nobody must touch an extra device, making it less likely that your machines will facilitate the spread of germs.

Less Grimy

Our hands naturally produce oil to keep our skin from drying out, but that means we leave traces of oil on everything we touch. In public places, this can lead to build-up very quickly. Even if you’re not concerned about germs on your machines, there’s still the problem of grimy fingerprints.

Takes Up Less Space

Many other types of payments, including coin and laundry card systems, require extra machines in the building. If you take coins, you’ll need a coin exchange machine. If your laundromat has a rechargeable card system, you’ll need a machine for that. App-based payments don’t take up any extra floor space, meaning you’ll have room for more laundry machines.

Control Your Business Efficiently

If you’re looking to upgrade your laundromat payment system, check out ShinePay’s contactless payment app. ShinePay provides easy-to-use access control solutions for laundry machines, apartment rentals, and EV charging stations. Call or email us to find out how our technology can improve your business.