The biggest concern for most electric vehicle owners is how they’ll charge their car. Sure, they can give their vehicle a top-off before leaving on a road trip, but what happens when they reach their destination? There are several benefits of EV charging stations for your hotel—read on to learn how these chargers can help boost your business.

How Does EV Charging Work?

You’ve probably noticed EV charging stations popping up around you—if you haven’t, you’ve at least seen electric vehicles on the road (even if you don’t realize it). Almost 12 percent of automotive sales in Q4 of 2021 were electric vehicles, proving that their popularity is growing quickly.

In the simplest terms, EV charging works much the same as plugging in your phone. An electrical current travels through the charging station and powers the car battery. The standard plug for most electric vehicles is the J1772 plug, but it’s important to note that this plug won’t work with Tesla cars. For those, you’ll need to locate a Tesla EV charging station.

These variations are like the car equivalent of charging cord changes Apple introduced a few years ago—some devices need a mini-USB cord, others need a USB-C cord, and some require a lightning connector.

Because the J1772 plug is standard, this is probably the best choice for people looking to buy commercial charging machines. Purchasing only Tesla chargers would alienate a large portion of EV owners.

Commercial EV Charging

Commercial EV chargers add a small step to the charging process: payment. A simple credit card payment with your phone is all it takes to unlock the EV charger to access power. This process functions similarly to gas stations, so EV owners expect to pay for each charge.

Get In on the Ground Floor

It’s no secret that things are rapidly changing in this country. There are many regulations in the works to discourage gas-guzzling vehicles and promote electric alternatives, which means that EV charging stations will needto become more prevalent across the country.

By 2035, the US government will no longer purchase gas-powered vehicles. Major automakers are following suit, with Ford, GM, and other manufacturers pledging to eliminate gas vehicles by the same year.

Setting up your hotel with EV stations now is a smart way to strike while the iron’s hot. You’ll be one of the few—if not the only—hotels around able to provide this option for your patrons.

Attract More Well-Off Guests

While electric vehicles are sharply dropping in price, they’re certainly not “cheap” by any means. Most people who own an electric vehicle are affluent or at least well-off, and they are precisely the guests you want at your hotel. As you know, these guests are more likely to spend more on amenities and book longer stays, which looks much better for your bottom line.

Well-off guests with electric vehicles won’t have the option of staying at your hotel unless you offer EV charging stations; because their travels are defined by their access to power, they’ll have no other choice than to look elsewhere for lodging.

Develop Local Business Synergies

EV charging stations are also a great tool for cultivating synergies with other local businesses. It’s simple—when your guests plug in their vehicles and wait for them to charge, they can stroll to nearby restaurants and shops. Boosting the economy in your neighborhood is never a bad idea. After all, a rising tide raises all boats!

Bring In Additional Revenue

Extra revenue is always a good thing. Charging stations aren’t free, and customers will pay to use them. In fact, you may also be able to attract non-guests to your site to use your charging stations. If your hotel has a restaurant or other amenities, this can draw in customers who were only planning to use your charging station.

Enjoy Rebate Benefits

There are many state and federal rebates that encourage businesses to install commercial EV charging stations. The government is hoping to get more and more businesses equipped with charging stations so the infrastructure is ready to accept an influx of electric vehicles, and they’re willing to pay for it! Some rebates can cover up to 80 percent of the installation cost—it all depends on your area.

Before you decide that EV stations aren’t for you, make sure you look into governmental incentives. California offers a grant that can cover up to $150,000 in installation costs, while New Jersey has a rebate that can save you up to $7,500 per charger.

As more hotels and businesses take advantage of these grants, the government will eventually remove the option. If you’ve ever considered EV charging stations for your hotel, there is no better time than now. Within a few years, the grants will no longer be available and all the other hotels in the area will already have their stations.

Expand the EVSE Grid

Sustainability is a big reason why EV systems are so popular. The climate is struggling, and sweeping changes in our approach to transportation is one of the biggest things that can impact the environment. As the government pushes for sustainable transportation, more and more people are realizing that this is the future of travel.

When you install EV charging stations at your hotel, you’re telling the world that you understand the importance of electric vehicle supply equipment, or EVSE. Our country is in urgent need of EV charging infrastructure, so why not be on the side of positive change?

Meet Sustainability Goals

If you want to obtain a LEED certification for your hotel, EV charging stations are a great way to get the ball rolling. A LEED certificate is sure to set you apart from other hotels in the area and let your guests know that you’re on the right side of history. In this way, EV charging stations can help you establish your brand as a hotel that’s committed to doing what’s right for the environment.

Now that you know the benefits of EV charging stations for your hotel, we at ShinePay are ready to assist in getting your charging stations installed! It won’t be long before you see the advantages of these chargers.

Benefits of EV Charging Stations for Your Hotel