If you’re entering the laundromat business with the concept that you’re going to sit on a beach and collect your money–this is a myth. Like most businesses, laundromats aren’t stocks–they are active investments. They require your effort. The great news is there are ways you can use technology and processes to reduce the time spent on laundromat management. This will free up your time to work on other opportunities to get to the purest form of “passive income”–retirement.

In the past, managing your laundromat remotely implied self-reflection–do you treasure your limbs or freedom more? You could pay an arm and a leg for a card system or you could be a slave to your store. This changed with the invention of mobile payment technology

Not all mobile payment technology is equal and I would recommend reading, “Are All Mobile Payment Systems Equal.”

Mobile payment technology combine the advantages of a card system with low-cost. You can purchase a mobile system for as low as $149 for one machine. Or you could do a large store for under $10,000. You can do a laundry room for as little as $300. This makes adding electronic payments to your store or laundry room a no-brainer.

Laundromat management doesn’t need to be a complicated process if you have the right tools. ShinePay offers a new way to think about running a laundromat—doing it remotely. When you start running your laundromat business, the two best investments you can make are mobile payment systems and updated machines. Your customers will thank you for both, as new technology makes life easier for your patrons and yourself.

Now that you know a bit more about how to manage a laundromat, contact ShinePay to learn more about remote management. One simple change can make a huge difference in your workload and unlock laundromat passive income.

Understanding Laundry Symbols

Mobile payments are here to stay, upgrade your machines with ease