One great part of owning a business is offering multiple service types. However, your service options might feel limited regarding your laundromat. Still, there are many ways to earn extra money besides putting in a washing machine and dryer. You could provide other amenities like a vending machine, pick-up and drop-off services, and dry cleaning. Here is our list of extra ways to make money with your laundromat to help get you started.

Add a Lounge Area

Standing around inside the laundromat can become tedious for customers. The best way to give your customers a more relaxing experience is to create a lounge area. The lounge area provides customers a relaxed space to sit and wait for their loads to finish while using other amenities in the laundromat, such as Wi-Fi and charging ports. Providing a comfortable environment where customers can relax, work, or socialize turns the task of laundry into a more enjoyable experience, encouraging regular use of your facilities.

Put in a Playroom or Arcade for Kids

Your town’s laundromat location may regularly cater to families, meaning parents likely haul their children along on laundry day. Since children grow restless and bored in quiet waiting areas, consider increasing your laundromat’s appeal by adding a playroom or arcade for kids. This feature can make your laundromat the preferred choice for parents, as it keeps their children distracted while they get through each load stress-free. Add a small fee for use on every arcade game for additional revenue.

Offer Pickup and Delivery Services

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is vital. By offering pickup and delivery services, you give your customers the ability to manage their laundry needs without disrupting their busy schedules. This service could come with an additional fee, providing another income stream for your laundromat. You could also consider offering subscription or package deals for these services to encourage repeat business.

Offer Retail Space to Stores

One strategy that can help increase your laundromat’s profitability is offering retail space to other businesses. Offering retail space to stores improves the customer experience and presents an additional source of income. Consider partnering with related businesses such as dry cleaners, tailors, or shoe repair services that can benefit your customer base. Alternatively, you could rent out space to local artisans or sellers of laundry-related products, like detergents or fabric softeners. This approach transforms your laundromat into a multi-service venue, increasing foot traffic and revenue while providing added convenience to your customers.

Create a Hybrid Business Model

Consider a hybrid business model to optimize the potential of your laundromat. Creating a hybrid business in your laundromat involves incorporating one service within your facility, like a snack or coffee bar. Many customers spend considerable time waiting for their laundry to finish, and providing food and beverages on-site can create an additional income stream. This concept, sometimes called a “laundrocafé,” can make the laundry experience more enjoyable and comfortable. With the right ambiance and quality offerings, your laundromat could become a neighborhood hotspot, attracting customers who might not initially come for the laundry services. Remember, the key is to balance the dual function of your space to maintain a smooth operation and satisfy both laundry and café customers.

Offer Niche Services

Consider offering niche services tailored to specific customer needs to stand out among your competitors. For instance, you could provide premium services such as delicate garment care, eco-friendly washing, or specialized stain removal, attracting clientele willing to pay a little extra for these services. Services like these allow you to serve in other areas of the market that are scarce in your location. Consider charging a premium since you might be the only business offering one of these hard-to-find services. Check out our detailed overview of these services below for inspiration!

Delicate Garment Care

Offer a dedicated service for delicate garments that need special care—items made from silk, cashmere, lace, or other sensitive materials. Use machines and cleaning solutions designed to handle these fabrics. Adequately train your staff to handle these items to add to the service’s value.

Eco-Friendly Washing

Many customers are recognizing how much of an impact their choice of detergent has on the environment. Implement eco-friendly practices like using energy-efficient machines, biodegradable detergents, and water-saving cycles. Customers looking to use sustainable services are willing to pay a premium, so consider incorporating eco-friendly washing into your laundromat.

Specialized Stain Removal

Specialized stain removal is another niche service to consider. It requires knowledge of different stain types and the best removal methods. After the customer informs you about the tough stain, you can address it with the proper solution.

Pet Laundry Services

With more pet owners moving into town, adopting a pet laundry service might be the most profitable venture this year. A pet laundry service could involve providing dedicated washing machines for pet bedding and clothing, using pet-friendly detergents that are non-toxic and fragrance-free. This service caters to a unique market segment and allows you to charge a premium for this specialized service.

By focusing on these niche areas, your laundromat can stand out and attract a loyal customer base who appreciates these niche services.

Offer Laundry Classes

Educating your customers can also become a lucrative source of additional income. Consider offering laundry classes where customers can learn about different aspects of laundry, like the ones below.

Basics of Laundry

These classes could cover the fundamentals, like sorting clothing, understanding laundry symbols on tags, and choosing the suitable detergent and temperature for different fabric types. Teaching a class on laundry basics is a highly profitable service to cater to college students.

Advanced Laundry Techniques

Offer classes that delve into more complex laundry topics, such as removing stubborn stains, preserving the color and texture of clothes, and handling delicate fabrics. Consider hiring a professional or having a highly-trained staff member teach the class.

Eco-Friendly Practices

With growing awareness about sustainability, classes on eco-friendly laundry practices can be a big draw. These could cover topics like water and energy conservation, using eco-friendly detergents, and recycling water. You could also host a class on making homemade, eco-friendly detergents.

These class ideas could be a hit among creative and environmentally-conscious customers. By offering them, you generate additional revenue and build a community around your laundromat, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

Implement Coinless Machines

Don’t limit your laundromat to coins and tokens; it’s time to transition into the future with credit card laundry machines. Accepting credit cards gives customers more flexibility in spending money at the laundromat. Their laundry experience is more convenient and seamless with digital payments. Additionally, this transition gives you an edge over competitors still using older, coin-operated models.

Diversifying your services and upgrading your facilities can significantly boost your laundromat’s revenue. Each strategy contributes to creating a more engaging, user-friendly, and profitable laundromat, from implementing credit card laundry machines to offering unique niche services. Embrace these changes and witness the evolution of your laundromat into a dynamic, customer-centric enterprise that stands out in the market. Let Shinepay’s commercial laundry machines be your first pick among the other ways to make money in your laundromat.

Extra Ways To Make Money With Your Laundromat