If you’re a laundromat or rental property owner and you’re considering changing out some of your machines, it helps to know the differences between types. With laundry machines, there are really just two styles to know about: front-loading and top-loading machines. Learn how front-load and top-load commercial laundry machines compare.

Top-Load Machines

Top-loading machines are the older washing machine style, but many people still prefer them since you don’t need to bend so far down to do laundry. That said, shorter people may find it difficult to reach the bottom of the machine.

Top-loading washing machines clean by using an agitator in the center of the drum to push clothes around. They require more water than front-loading machines to make this process effective. And because of the paddle agitator, they also have a slightly higher chance of damaging clothes.

Front-Load Machines

Front-loading washing machines may be harder to use for people who can’t bend over easily, but these machines make up for poor ergonomics in almost every other way. They use less water than top-loading machines because gravity helps cycle the clothes around the drum. Since there’s no agitator device, these machines are gentler on clothes.

For commercial laundry, front-loading machines also offer an enormous benefit in terms of saving space. You can easily stack front-loading machines, which means you have the potential to put more machines in your building.

The Bottom Line

Front-loading laundry machines are popular for a reason. If you’re looking to upgrade your machines, consider getting front-loaders to save space and money on utilities costs. However, if you know your clientele is primarily elderly, or includes other individuals who have problems bending over, you may be better off with top-loading machines.

Commercial Laundry Machine Payment Solutions

Either way, front-load and top-load commercial laundry machines work with ShinePay’s fantastic payment app. You can install the ShinePay device on any machine to start offering your customers the option to pay by app.

If you own coin-operated laundry machines, you can keep accepting those payments, too. ShinePay extends your payment options so you can serve more customers and make your business attractive to many demographics.