Electric vehicles (EVs) are popular because they are environmentally friendly and cost-effective in comparison to combustion engine vehicles. If you’re planning to install an electric vehicle charger at your business, you need to choose an amperage. We will discuss the factors you should consider when deciding how many amps your business EV charger should have.

Battery Size of Electric Vehicles

The battery size of EVs can vary; the larger the battery, the more energy it can hold. If you suspect a lot of customers or employees will use your EV charger, consider one with a high amperage rating. A high output supplies more energy to the charger, allowing drivers to charge their vehicles quickly.

Charging Speed

High-amperage chargers can charge EV batteries quickly. Note that charging speed depends on both the size of the electric vehicle’s battery and the vehicle’s charging capabilities. Research which EV models require a specific amperage rating at the charging station, and find a happy medium to accommodate as many drivers as possible.

Operating Costs

Consider the operating costs when choosing the amperage rating for your business’s EV charger. High-amperage chargers are more expensive but have faster charging capabilities than lower-amp chargers. If you expect your charger(s) to have high daily usage, invest in high-amp models.

Note that most electric utilities charge a premium for EV charging during peak hours, typically in the afternoon and evening. High-amperage chargers use more electricity, so you will pay higher utility prices during peak charging times.

Future Expansion

Plan for potential future expansion of EV ownership at your office or location. As EVs become more commonplace, you may need to add more charging ports or upgrade your current charging station. It is best to consult a professional EV charging installer who can assess your current setup and help you plan for future expansion.

Professional Installation

Work with a qualified and experienced electrician or EV installer to manage the installation process. Their professionalism will ensure the safety and longevity of your EV charging station for businesses.

Knowing how many amps your business’s EV charger should have can help you meet your current EV charging needs and accommodate future expansion. Remember to consult an experienced and qualified electrician or an EV installer for assistance.