The laundry room is an essential part of any multifamily property, as it provides tenants with a convenient way to clean their clothes. A well-maintained laundry room can increase occupancy levels and improve tenant satisfaction in a residential building. However, there isn’t a clear answer on how many washers a laundry room needs. Determining the right number can be challenging, so our blog contains some factors to consider when buying a certain number of laundry machines.

Consider the Size of Your Building and the Number of Units

Determining the number of units in your building and their sizes are essential when figuring out how many washers your laundry room needs. For example, providing at least one washer per 10 units in an apartment complex is a good parameter. Big apartment buildings may require more machines. Families need large appliances since they generate big loads of laundry, so that might help you determine how many machines you need.

Analyze Your Tenants’ Laundry Habits

Tenants who work during the week likely use the laundry room on the weekends. Providing another machine or two for your apartment complex would be ideal since many people are trying to do their laundry at the same time.

You need a sufficient number of machines to meet the demand during busy periods. Neglecting this requirement results in long wait times and frustrated tenants, potentially reducing your occupancy levels.

Determine the Right Mix of Load Capacities

One crucial thing when meeting tenant requirements for the laundry room is to offer different laundry machine sizes to satisfy load capacities. For example, families need big machines for big loads, minimizing the time it takes to get through loads using smaller machines.

You should have a combination of small and large machines that tenants can choose from based on their needs. Small machines suit individuals or couples, while larger ones are great for families that need to wash clothes or bedding for multiple people.

Install Additional Machines When Necessary

As a property manager, it's important to monitor laundry facility usage patterns. If tenants are experiencing long waits or machine downtime, you may need to install additional machines. Adding coin-operated laundry machines reduces wait times, giving tenants more flexibility on laundry day. In this situation, flexibility and adaptability are key traits for property managers.

By considering building size, tenant laundry habits, load capacities, and flexibility, you can determine how many washers your building’s laundry room needs. Make laundry day a breeze for your tenants by providing a fantastic experience they will enjoy, and improve the laundry room experience by adding washing machines.