Nursing home staff manage the health, well-being, and comfort of their residents. What about the laundry? Don’t toss it into the air—integrate it into your daily care routine with this detailed rundown. In this guide, you’ll discover how on-side laundry helps create efficient nursing home operations.

Assessing the Need for Change

Current off-site laundry practices can be a logistical nightmare. That’s where an on-site laundry room becomes an efficient solution for nursing homes. The question is how to establish on-site laundry.

Outsourcing can be a maze to navigate. Bottlenecks in turnaround times spell out a call to action. In-house laundry facilities provide a rapid service that’s integral to maintaining the impeccable hygiene standards for your nursing home.

Understanding the Financial Dynamics

Outsourcing laundry equals outsourcing control. Financially, it’s often a plot twist many nursing home administrators haven’t prepared for. Touching upon the bottom line, we’ll show you how an on-site system is about efficiency; it’s also a direct match for the cost-effective care nursing home teams hope to provide.

Building On-Site Laundry

The road to an efficient on-site laundry room begins with good equipment, a schedule, and a team that knows the keys to specialty care. Selecting the right mix of washers and dryers isn’t challenging. Get the essentials so your laundry room is efficient.

Use the same laundry machines for apartments to ensure they can handle the heavy and constant loads. These models will effectively clean the laundry all day!

Train Staff

The only way to win the laundry game is with a trained team. Establishing a clear, engaging training regimen ensures staff are onboard, not overboard.

The Incredible Benefits

Swapping out your off-site services for an on-site laundry is actually an upgrade! There are benefits upon benefits for on-site laundry for nursing homes, including faster responses to resident needs and more control over your cost centers.


Beyond upfront investments, an on-site laundry service demonstrates a compelling edge in saving costs on a spectrum of services. It also contributes to the overall budget without compromising the quality of care.

Infection Control

Laundry and disease control are synonymous. An on-site laundry zeroes in on this critical aspect, ensuring a responsive and rigorous response to any hygiene hazard, from soiled linens to potential illness outbreaks. Team members can clean soiled fabrics immediately rather than waiting for an off-site laundry service to pick them up.

It’s time to explore the on-site laundry solution. With these insights, your nursing home team can be much more attentive to residents’ needs. With meticulous planning, the correct approach to implementing your on-site laundry is within arm’s reach!