Laundry detergent. We all buy it, but which one is the best?

Below, we’ll outline some useful advice and tips on how to buy the best laundry detergent on the market. We’ll be looking for both the most cost effective laundry detergent and the best smelling detergent. Let’s get started.

Why use laundry detergent

It’s important to use laundry detergent because it:

  • Cleans your clothes
  • Disinfects possible bacteria and germs
  • Reshapes stretched out fibers
  • Makes your clothes smell good

Important features to consider: Detergent

When it comes to detergent, you’ll want to consider:

  • Overall price (cost per load)
  • Whether you want liquid vs. powder
  • Type of scent
  • Whether the detergent is for sensitive skin
  • Whether it’s for darks, lights, or both
  • Whether it’s eco-friendly

How do laundry detergents work?

No two laundry detergents contain the exact same ingredients, but most detergents do work in much the same way. Generally speaking, all detergents contain the following ingredients:

  • Surfactants
  • Alkalies (soluble salts)
  • Catalytic enzymes
  • Preservatives
  • Water conditioners
  • pH modifiers
  • Brighteners

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Liquid vs. powder detergent

There are both benefits and drawbacks to liquid detergent and powder detergent.

In general, liquid detergent tends to be:

  • Overall more convenient
  • Easier to clean up if spilled
  • Better at spot cleaning stains (doubles as stain remover)
  • Easier to dissolve in cold water
  • More expensive
  • Less eco-friendly (packaging)

The price test: Price, loads, cost per load

When considering what the most cost effective laundry detergent is, it’s important to do the price test. That is, you must weigh the overall cost of the detergent against how many loads you’ll get out of one bottle/container. After all, one bottle may be inexpensive, but if it’s small, you won’t really be getting your money’s worth.

Here’s how to calculate cost per load:

  • Start by choosing a detergent.
  • Take a look at the cost.
  • Take a look at the number of loads the container will provide (this should be somewhere on the label).
  • Divide cost by the number of loads. This is your price per load.

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Which laundry detergent has the longest lasting scent?

Many laundry detergents claim to have long-lasting scents, but only a few brands actually come through on this promise. Many shoppers have been highly satisfied with the potent scents from Tide PODS and Gain Flings.

Can you add essential oils to laundry?

Yes. Essential oils are a great way to add a pleasant scent to your laundry. Just be sure not to add too much as essential oils are highly concentrated. For example, when doing one load of laundry, add only two to three drops for the desired effect. Add the drops directly to the laundry detergent.

How can I make my laundry smell good without fabric softener?

Even without fabric softener, you can make your laundry smell better by using scented detergent or essential oils. When using essential oils, add just a few drops to the soap you’ll use for one load, or put the drops directly under the running water of your top-load machine. You can also try Febreze spray or room spray after your laundry has been dried.

What is the most gentle laundry detergent?

Laundry detergents are constantly evolving and offering new products. Typically, the most gentle laundry detergents are marketed as hypoallergenic.

Can I put liquid detergent in the drum?

Yes. You can put liquid detergent directly into the drum. For best results, start the washing machine and allow some water to pool in the drum before adding liquid detergent.

Does it matter what laundry detergent you use?

For some individuals with sensitive skin, the type of detergent can be the difference between wearable clothes and an itchy nightmare. Your choice of laundry detergent can also affect how clean your clothes get and how well stains are removed.