There are so many different kinds of payment solutions for laundry these days. There are traditional coin machines, credit card consoles, laundry cards, and now apps. How do you choose which kind to install in your business? Today, we’re going to compare laundry cards and laundry apps to discover what the differences are.

What Is a Laundry Card?

A laundry card is a plastic card that customers can load with prepaid dollars. Cards might be single-use or reloadable, depending on the type of machine. Unlike a credit or debit card, a laundry card only works at a certain business or chain, and once you run out of preloaded funds, you’ll need a new one.

Machines Take Up Space

The other unfortunate thing about laundry cards is that you need multiple machines to make them work, which takes up space in your business. You need the machine that dispenses the cards, but you also need an ATM nearby so patrons can get bills to use in the dispenser. Those machines take up valuable space that you could be using for additional laundry machines.

How Laundry Apps Save Space

If you’re in the laundry business, you know that having fewer machines means making less money. With a laundry app, you don’t need any extra payment machines taking up floor space in your business. For example, ShinePay’s machines install directly into your existing laundry machines. All customers have to do is download the app, scan the sticker on the machine, and start doing laundry. It’s fast and simple to use.

Now that you’ve seen the differences between laundry cards and laundry apps, it’s clear that apps are the better choice for most businesses. Apps take up no additional space in your store, plus they work with any kinds of machines and other payment solutions. You can go on accepting credit cards, coins, and other payments while also allowing customers a fast and hassle-free payment system.

If you’re curious to see how laundry apps can improve your business, call or email ShinePay. We offer mobile payment systems that don’t even require onsite Wi-Fi. Let us help you take your laundry business into the 21st century.