We’re excited to announce that ShinePay has joined KOA's approved vendor program and is now on board to service KOA locations with mobile payments for laundry machines, RV hookups and EV chargers.

ShinePay allows KOA campsites to easily accept mobile payments on their laundry machines, RV hookups, EV chargers and more. ShinePay provides customers with a seamless payment experience with one simple, easy-to-use app.

For over six years, ShinePay has been the leading mobile payment technology with millions of transactions and a 4.7 star rating in the app store (~6,000 reviews). 

ShinePay is a benefit to KOA customers by removing the burdensome need to acquire quarters, making it simple to pay, and by allowing them to self-serve without staff present during both staffed and non-staffed hours.

ShinePay is a benefit to KOA owners by attracting new customers with a better user experience, saving them time and money by reducing or eliminating coin collection and transportation, increasing revenue by making it easier to pay, reducing theft by removing coins, and simplifying operations with one easy-to-use dashboard for laundry, RV hookup and EV charger revenue.

ShinePay is a benefit to KOA employees by reducing the need to assist in mundane tasks like managing coins and collecting payments, thus freeing them up to focus on essential functions such as customer service and grounds upkeep.

ShinePay is a benefit to the environment as a carbon-negative company helping to reduce environmental CO2 emissions with a reduction of coin transportation and as a producer of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 1.2M tons of CO2 is produced annually from transporting coins for laundry. By eliminating these transport emissions, Shinepay’s electronic payment system helps make the world a greener place.

The ShinePay installation process is simple and does not require Wifi or a wired internet connection. Laundry payments can be installed in less than two minutes. RV hookup payments and EV chargers can be installed by any certified electrician. ShinePay’s payment modules are built for the long haul and backed by a lifetime warranty. To learn more please visit the following ShinePay web pages: 

Laundry Machine Payments


RV Hookup Payments


EV Charger Payments