Choosing to replace your commercial laundry machines can be a tough decision. Since the machines are so expensive, owners want to know that they’ll be getting their money’s worth for their machines. However, there are situations where it’s worth the time and money to change out your machines. Here are the signs it’s time to replace your commercial laundry equipment.

High Upkeep Costs

Sometimes the sunk cost of commercial laundry machines can make owners and property managers hesitant about upgrading. However, old or faulty machines can end up costing lots of money in maintenance fees if they’re constantly breaking down.

If you have more than one machine that’s causing problems, you might be forced to choose between having them all serviced at once, or individually. If you wait, you have fewer working machines, but if you call in a repairman each time, they’ll charge you more money to make the trip out to your business.

There’s another hidden cost that people often forget, which is customer or tenant satisfaction. If your machines are breaking all the time, it’s probably happening while people are trying to use them. If people are unhappy with the machines, they may ask for refunds and then take their business elsewhere. If these are your tenants, they may decide it’s worth looking for somewhere else to live.

Old and Worn Machines

While it’s perfectly understandable to avoid replacing machines that work just fine, you do need to consider what old and worn-looking machines say about your business. It can send the wrong message, since visible wear suggests to customers that you don’t really care about making a good impression on clients. It might also make customers think that you’re not cleaning your laundry facilities, which is very important in a place where people wash their clothes.

If you can’t simply erase scuff marks and give your machines a new coat of paint, it may be time to replace them altogether. Though it’s a higher upfront cost, it will tell your customers that you care about their experience, which goes a long way toward creating loyalty. If your machines are on a rental property, clean laundry facilities can convince your residents to renew their leases for another year.

Renovations and Rebranding

Another good reason to replace your machines is if you’re already making changes around your business. If you’re making major renovations to make your business more attractive, why not include the laundry facilities?

Since everyone has to do laundry, and most people would prefer to do their laundry with new and fresh equipment, advertising new machines can attract new customers and tenants. The same goes for rebranding yourself, since new machines can help you achieve a more modern and user-friendly brand appearance.

When you upgrade your machines, be sure to make the most of it by featuring the news in an advertising campaign. If you’re a laundromat or rental property owner, hang a sign in front of your business that tells customers about your new machines. You can also showcase them on your business’s social media accounts to drive even more traffic.

Using Video Advertising

Many business owners feel intimidated by social media advertising, especially video platforms. However, video is a great way to attract new customers because it gives them a sneak peek at what it’s like to visit your business without even getting in the car. Plus, it gives you a chance to show potential customers just how easy your new machines are to use! Use video to give virtual tours and show day-in-the-life excerpts, as well as to get people interested in your brand.

Theft Problems

Depending on your location and how old your machines are, laundry facility owners sometimes run into problems with theft. While it’s fairly uncommon to have strangers breaking into machines during operating hours, it’s far more common to have a disloyal employee who’s looking to make a few quick bucks by stealing from machines.

This is primarily a problem with older machines that take coins because the money is stored in the machine all day. Though the best practice is to have a different key for every machine, some owners skip this step to save time. Unfortunately, that makes it very easy for someone to get access to your machines with just one copied key.

When you upgrade your machines, you make it harder for people to steal from you. First of all, the machines are different, meaning whatever scheme your thief was using previously won’t work on the new machines. Additionally, if you opt for machines that don’t accept coins, or that primarily use credit cards and digital payment systems, there won’t be anything in the machines for someone to steal.

Outdated Technology

Probably the most common sign it’s time to replace your commercial laundry equipment is if the machines are outdated. People don’t really carry cash anymore, and having cash-only machines is likely to turn people away from your business or rental property.

Like the problem with worn-looking machines, coin-only systems can lead your customers to think you’re cheap, which can negatively affect how they perceive your business. It’s unlikely that your customers or tenants really understand all the costs that go into running a laundry facility; unfortunately, people don’t always do their research before forming lasting opinions.

If you want your customers to view your business as tech-savvy and modern, upgrade to credit card laundry machines that also accept payments via an app. This doesn’t always mean you have to buy brand new machines, though you may want to for some of the reasons listed above.

The good news is that ShinePay offers both kinds of solutions: brand new machines that accept modern forms of payment and devices you can install in your current machines to bring them into the 21st century. We also offer software that lets you track all your income and customer interactions in one place, so you always know what’s going on in your storefront.

Contact us today to find out how our technology can save you money and make your business more attractive to potential customers.

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Commercial Laundry Equipment