Adopting a new form of technology in your business can be intimidating. What do you do if it doesn’t work like you expected? The good thing about laundry payment technologies is that they really do make life easier, for you and your customers. Consider the pros and cons of laundry payment apps.

Pro: No More Coins

Most people just don’t carry coins in their wallets or pockets anymore. As card and app payments have taken over, many have stopped paying for things with cash, meaning they’re not getting change like they used to. If you have a coin-based laundry business, you’re going to need a coin exchange machine that takes up valuable space just to keep your operation going. Switching to a payment app makes your business more accessible and easier to use.

Pro: Easy Management Tools

When you use a laundry payment app, you get to see your customers’ transactions in real time, and your money is right there. No collecting coins, and no refilling a laundry card machine. Your customers do their laundry, and you make money—that’s it!

Pro: Increased Security

When people steal from laundromats, they usually target the old-fashioned businesses that rely on coin-based payments. By eliminating or greatly reducing the number of coins in your establishment, you make your business less attractive to thieves. Your customers will also appreciate the switch to an app, because it means they won’t need to carry a wallet or bag full of change in order to do laundry.

Con: Smartphone Accessibility

App-based payments only work when you have a smart device like a phone or tablet that can download apps. People without smartphones won’t be able to use your app, which limits your customer base.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to integrate a secondary payment system. If your machines already take coins, all you have to do is add ShinePay’s contactless payment app to your machines. This way, your business will be able to accept both kinds of payment.

As you can see, the pros of laundry payment apps far outweigh the cons. The best part is that you don’t have to stop accepting any forms of payment if you don’t want to; ShinePay’s intuitive app lets you do it all. Call or email us today to start making things easier for yourself and your customers.