Managing the laundry facilities for an apartment complex can be difficult. Managers must consider several factors, like how many machines will fit comfortably in the laundry room, whether to rent or buy, and how to troubleshoot problems that arise. These tips for apartment building laundry room management can help break things down.

The Big Picture

Since everyone has to do laundry sooner or later, laundry rooms are high-traffic areas. The space should be clean, brightly lit, and secure so that tenants feel safe while they work. This is especially true if the laundry rooms are open at night.

Convenience Is Key

Tenants who feel comfortable doing laundry are more likely to keep renting at your apartment building. Making the process as painless as possible is key to keeping tenants happy. Little amenities like a table for folding laundry can be just as valuable as another set of machines.

To Rent or To Buy

Probably the biggest decision you’ll have to make as a laundry room manager is whether to rent or buy laundry machines for apartment buildings. If you rent machines, you won’t have to worry about maintaining the machines, but you’ll also be at the mercy of whichever company you rent from. If you buy machines, you control the maintenance, payment methods, and upgrades.

Tech Integration

Traditional laundry machines are coin operated, but few people carry cash today, especially young people. Depending on your apartment building’s tenant demographics, you may want to consider upgrading to a cashless system. ShinePay even offers integration solutions that pair with older machines so you can accept both coin and app-based payments.

Knowledgeable Staff

Regardless of which solution you choose, you are going to need staff members to clean and maintain the laundry facilities. Dirty laundry rooms will cause tenants to look elsewhere when their lease ends, as will a lack of working machines. When staff members aren’t present, make sure to provide signage with clear instructions for operating machines and performing simple troubleshooting.

We hope these tips for apartment building laundry room management have been helpful. We know that laundry room management can be difficult, but there’s no reason it should feel like rocket science.