Depending on if the laundry room has existing equipment or not can play a part in how you design the room’s layout. Many laundry rooms, big and small, have the potential to make every laundry day more efficient for every resident living in and around your building. Here are informative tips for commercial laundry room layout and design.

Determine the Best Location for the Laundry Room

You can determine the best location for the laundry room by its dimensions and equipment size. It’s always a good idea to get the dimensions of the room so that you can judge how much can fit in that space. Knowing the dimensions of the space allows you to accurately form a layout that allows room for machines and for people to move around.

Think About the Features You’re Adding

The features you add to the laundry room could improve the flow, so if you have any unused space, add something there, like a sitting area. Many consumers need to stay at the laundromat an entire day, and they could use the area to sit down and rest while waiting for their loads to finish.

Another thing to add is stations. Many washing machines and dryers don’t have enough space on top for sorting or folding. So you need to add additional stations. The stations could include areas to fold, hang, and sort clothes. These little spaces make the laundry room feel like it’s more than just a space with washing machines and dryers.

Consider How Water Drains Out of the Laundry Room

Water leaks happen in both private and commercial laundry rooms. So when you think about how you’ll design your commercial laundry room layout, preventing leaks is something you must consider. After laying out the blueprints of where the laundry machines go, finding spots for drains is the next step.

The drain should be two inches and covered by a grate. The grate prevents laundry room users from stepping on and tripping over the hole. The drains should go in a sloped part of the laundry room to avoid pooling, but if that’s not possible, keeping the drain close to the laundry machines is ideal. If you place the drain in a flat area, remember that you may eventually need to hire an emergency maintenance crew to drain and mop excess water.

Every laundry room design and layout is unique. If you have considered trying other ways to make your laundry room innovative, introduce new ways to pay, like a laundry app for apartments from Shinepay. Tenants and residents can enjoy the ability to go paperless by using an app on their phones.

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