One of the most important aspects of owning a business is staying ahead of the competition. If you own a laundromat, you can elevate your business by installing EV charging stations. Discover how EV charging stations can help you maximize profits and expand your clientele.

Attract New Customers

One reason to install EV charging stations outside your laundry business is that it attracts new customers to your business. Depending on your location, many of your laundromat customers may be students or individuals lacking the space for a washer and dryer in their apartment. By setting up EV charging stations, you can attract a different demographic of customers to your property, thus increasing your business’s visibility.

Become the Charging Zone

Another way laundry EV charging stations elevate your business is by making it the preferred place to park since EV drivers know they can charge their cars at your location. This is especially helpful if you’re located near a shopping mall or other businesses where people may park in front of a different business from the one they’re visiting. With EV charging stations, you’ll see income from every person who parks in your lot, whether they’re charging their car or doing laundry.

Increase All Revenue Streams

When you diversify your income sources, all your revenue streams benefit. Customers who use EV chargers may decide to stop into your laundromat to use the vending machines or may choose to start using your laundry services. The more options you offer, the more you increase your chances that customers using one facet of your business will use another.

Promote Your Eco-Friendliness

According to business experts, customers are more concerned about environmental impact than ever. By putting EV charging stations on your property, you’re advertising your commitment to eco-friendliness, which is incredibly attractive to today’s customers. Young customers especially—including college students—are still in the process of developing brand loyalty, so they may be more receptive to the promotion of your business ideals.

We hope this list of ways laundry EV charging stations can elevate your business proves helpful. Check out ShinePay’s easy-to-use app-based payment system for EV charging that works with any station. You can even run your laundromat payment and EV charging from the same app!