COVID-19 may not be gone, but thankfully, the world has started to return to normal. You may be surprised that contactless payments are still popular now that many people consider the pandemic to be over, but it’s really not that shocking. Convenience and efficiency are just two reasons why contactless payments are still trending post-pandemic. Read on to learn more.

Quick Payments Are Popular

A preference for quick, effortless payments isn’t new; over the last few decades, payment solutions have trended toward convenience. It started with credit and debit cards, and now we have all kinds of digital payment options available. People love the convenience of not carrying cash, and many of them enjoy not needing to carry cards or a wallet either.

Germ Awareness Is Still Strong

While many have mentally moved on from the pandemic, there’s still a general hyper-awareness of germs. Whether you’re trying to avoid catching COVID-19 or just looking to prevent getting someone’s cold, contactless payments are a popular way to avoid spreading germs. The reason these systems work so well is because you never have to touch a public POS system, which can collect bacteria from countless others who have used the machine.

Introverts Love Independence

If your social skills are little rusty after two years of quarantine, you’re not alone. More people than ever are leaning toward social introversion, including many young people whose school years were dramatically interrupted by the pandemic. Introverted people love payment solutions that grant them independence because they remove the need to interact with strangers.

The Bottom Line

A lot of people assumed contactless payments were a pandemic trend because that’s when they skyrocketed in popularity. However, convenient payments were already popular, and the pandemic showed everyone just how useful contactless payment systems could be. Digital wallets and other contactless payment options, like ShinePay’s laundry app, are still trending post-pandemic because people genuinely prefer using them.

If you’re a laundromat or rental property owner, ShinePay can help you by providing access control solutions like our payment app. You can determine prices and deals, as well as handle refunds, all from our intuitive dashboard. And if you want to keep collecting coin payments, our Bluetooth devices work seamlessly with other payment forms so you can manage everything in one convenient place. Contact ShinePay today for more information.