Many people who live in apartments assume that having in-unit laundry is better than using on-site services. Unfortunately, they’re often surprised by the many hassles that come with having a laundry machine in their own apartment. If you’re a landlord, share these reasons why on-site laundry is better than in-unit laundry with your tenants.

On-Site Laundry at a Glance

  • No additional rental fees
  • No waiting time for repairs
  • No scheduling conflicts when turning in machines
  • No lifting heavy objects
  • Makes apartment life quieter

1. No Rental Fees

Most people who live in apartments don’t own their laundry machines—instead, they rent them. The problem with renting laundry machines is that you have to pay yet another fee every month to keep your machines. You also have to pay the same amount no matter how often you actually do laundry.

2. No Dealing With Maintenance

If you own or rent in-unit machines, then you’re responsible for calling a repairman every time they stop working. If it’s your machine, you can try DIY fixes, but if you’re renting, you’re stuck waiting on the rental company to schedule a maintenance appointment. It’s much easier to just go to the laundry room when you need to wash something.

3. No Moving Hassle

Moving is something most people despise, and having to deal with laundry machines can make everything so much worse. If you own your washer and dryer, then you have to move those machines yourself, and they’re very heavy! For people who rent machines, you have to wait for the rental company to come and pick up the machines, which can interfere with your move-out schedule.

4. Quieter Apartment

Let’s face it, laundry machines are pretty noisy. If you have a baby or you’re a student trying to study for an exam, having laundry going in the next room can be a huge distraction. Plus, if you have in-unit machines, your neighbors get to hear every time you clean your clothes. Using on-site laundry instead of in-unit laundry is better for everyone.

Encourage Tenants To Use On-Site Laundry

There are many things landlords can do to encourage their tenants to use on-site laundry facilities. Make sure the room is clean, that machines are working, and that they’re easy to use. We recommend using ShinePay’s laundry room app to streamline the process for tenants and make bookkeeping easier for you. Call or email ShinePay today to find out how we can help you modernize your laundry facility.