If your business is one of many serving the same sector in your town, it’s crucial to make your business more attractive to customers. One way to accomplish that is to go above and beyond for your customers, making sure it’s easy and fun to do laundry at your establishment. Here are five ways your laundromat can stand above the competition.

1. Stop Requiring Cash

Let’s face it—people just don’t carry cash with them anymore. If your laundromat requires cash, it doesn’t matter if you also provide exchange machines; the extra step is likely sending customers to your competitors.

You can be the favorite laundromat in town by providing quick and easy laundry service using cashless laundry systems, such as ShinePay’s electronic payment app. All you need to do is install our Bluetooth devices on your current machines, and you’re good to go!

2. Keep It Clean

Nobody wants to do laundry in a dirty laundromat. Trash, messy floors, and a lack of organization make people second-guess whether they want to use your business, and it can make your location seem unsafe. Hiring an attendant to take care of the premises can drastically improve customer retention.

3. Make Laundry Fun

One of the ways to make your laundromat stand above the competition is to turn it into a place where people can hang out and have fun. Install TVs, snack bars, book nooks, and other places for patrons to enjoy doing laundry together or pass the time while they wait for their loads to finish. Bright, modern décor can help your laundromat appear more fun and friendly.

4. Bring In Newer Machines

If your laundry machines are old, it may be time to replace them, even if you’re not having major maintenance issues. Newer machines are simply more attractive to customers, and they help improve the overall look of your business.

5. Make Safety a Priority

People sometimes have to do laundry late at night because of their schedules, so making sure your business is safe is a must. In addition to creating a fun, friendly environment, you can make your guests feel safer by having an attendant on standby at all hours and installing visible security features like cameras and mirrors.

Even though it takes some effort, upgrading your business goes a long way toward showing customers how much you care about their business. We hope these tips help you stand out from the competition in your local area.