Choosing to partner with a company for dry cleaning and laundry cleaning can help you save time and get better results. When deciding between dry cleaning versus laundry, you might be curious to know difference between dry cleaning and laundry services. Read on in this article to learn more about dry cleaning and laundry services and how these work.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning refers to a specialized process carried out by professionals who clean textiles and clothing using any chemical solvent other than water. This is not a dry process since clothes are indeed soaked in a liquid solvent. The most widely used solvent in the industry is called PERC for short.

What Are the Pros of Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning can be an appropriate method to ensure that your clothes are not only cleaned but are also pressed and/or starched. In some situations, when you have a stain in your clothes, it is recommended that you use dry cleaning services rather than laundry cleaning services.

Laundry Cleaning

There are several different laundry cycles that can be utilized for different kinds of clothing when you choose to partner with a laundry cleaning services provider. Although laundry cleaning might sound similar to dry cleaning, it is actually quite distinct. Laundry cleaning refers to the use of cleaning agents such as detergents, soaps or softeners along with water to remove dirt from clothing. This method can be very effective for a broad range of different types of laundry that you might have.

What Are the Pros of Laundry Cleaning?

Most individual homes have in-home washers or dryers or a communal laundry room accessible to everyone living in an apartment building. This means that you have to think about things like whether or not someone else has left the laundry room machine dirty or ensuring that you can properly load the washing machine, so you don’t over fill it. A pro of using laundry services, however, is that these can be much more affordable than dry cleaning. You can usually pay with credit cards, quarters or even mobile payments to do your laundry cleaning. There are pros to being able to do your laundry from home, but you need to think of things like using the right detergent, not overloading the washing machine, and not forgetting your clothes in the washer.

Laundromat vs. Dry Cleaners—Which Is Better?

Depending on your individual circumstances, laundry cleaning is recommended as a first avenue for cleaning your clothes because of its greater accessibility and pricing.

Now that you have a better sense of the differences between dry cleaning and laundry, make sure you send your clothes where they truly need to go. For assistance with all things related to laundry, remember—ShinePay is here to make everything easier!


1: Should you wash clothes before dry cleaning?

Clothes that are marked as dry clean only should only be sent to a dry cleaner, but most people will attempt to wash clothes that have stains or other issues before resorting to dry cleaning because at-home washing is cheaper.

2: What is the average price of dry cleaning?

The average price of dry cleaning depends primarily upon the area in which you live and the type of clothing you are having laundered. For clothes that are more difficult to clean or bulky, this can be quite expensive, and you should always ask your dry cleaning provider upfront. Shirts can cost anywhere from $5 to $15 to have these dry cleaned. This is one of the biggest differences between dry cleaning and laundering, as laundry prices are much lower.

3: What happens when you wash dry clean only?

Dry clean only clothes can be seriously harmed as a result of being washed. It is important to review the type of fabric involved to make proper considerations and deciding whether or not to use dry cleaning.