Whether you operate an apartment building with a laundry room, a laundromat, or any other establishment with washers and dryers, credit card laundry payment systems are the wave of the future.

With just a mobile phone and the ShinePay laundry payment app, your patrons can pay for their laundry however and whenever they like. They have complete control over their accounts, and you have a system that’s easier and more convenient than ever before. No more coins. Less wear and tear on machines. A better bottom line.

Manage booking effectively

When your clients and customers want to do their laundry conveniently, they may want to schedule their laundry tasks ahead of time. This means that you’ll need a way to manage these bookings directly. With ShinePay laundry payment app, you’ll be able to:

  • Manage various client bookings on a daily basis
  • Ensure you have enough machines for the people who need them
  • Keep track of your flow of revenue
  • See what times of the day and week are most busy

Save time and effort

Here’s how both you and those who use your laundry machines and easy mobile payment system will save time:

  • Installation of the credit card laundry payment systems takes no time at all
  • Mobile phones are all patrons need to pay for their laundry (no cash or coins necessary!)
  • No need to empty coin boxes day in and day out
  • No need to go back and forth to the bank for cash and coin deposits
  • Manage your account simply and easily online

Smartly maintain client communications

Your clients want to know that they’re dealing with real people who will address their questions and concerns when necessary. Fortunately, with our app, you can:

  • Get feedback from clients
  • Answer client questions and concerns
  • Ensure clients are satisfied with your services and products

Payment done easy! Mobile payments are here to stay, upgrade your machines with ease now.

Manage staff and review performances effectively

Management of your laundromat attendants and other laundry staff can be effectively and efficiently handled from your computer or laptop. You can even manage staff remotely. There’s no need to be present all of the time to handle problems or other hiccups.

From anywhere, at any time, you can manage your laundromat or apartment building in a myriad of important ways:

  • Conduct performance reviews
  • Communicate with staff
  • Allow activation of machines by staff members and without the need for a monetary transaction
  • Manage payroll and schedules
  • View transactions, track machine usage, and transfer and withdraw funds

Store important client information

With the use of the laundry payment app, credit card laundry payment systems provide numerous ways to store valuable client information. This makes it easier for you and your patrons to conduct fast, easy transactions at any time:

  • Full names and personal information
  • Financial information (credit card information to store for future purchases)
  • The go-to laundry preferences of clients
  • Laundry preferences for different types of clientele — extremely useful information for perfecting your laundry system and funneling more funds and attention to the services your patrons use more